Mens jackets for winter, off-season, not too hot summer are presented in the HAR London Fashion catalog in a wide range. We do our best so that the weather outside the window does not affect your stylish look. When creating jackets, the designers of the HAR London Fashion House use high-quality fabrics with a water-repellent treatment and adopt advanced technologies.

Types of Mens Jackets

(1) Men’s windbreakers are lightweight jackets designed for cool summer days, late spring, or early fall. When choosing such clothes, it is worth considering the peculiarities of their use. Light jackets are often worn in rain and windy weather, so pay attention to models with a hood, usually, such men’s windbreakers are sewn from waterproof materials. Choose the length, taking into account the things in the wardrobe, so that a pullover or shirt does not peep out from under the outerwear.

(2) You can buy not a light jacket, but a vest, this is a great alternative to a windbreaker. Sporty and insulated models allow you to protect yourself from the cold and at the same time maintain complete freedom of movement, which clothing with sleeves slightly restricts. The sports vest is convenient for those who prefer an active lifestyle on any day, regardless of weather conditions. A casual insulated vest fits well into informal looks and can be a real salvation in the event of an unexpected cold snap.

(3) Men’s demi-season jackets are becoming a practical wardrobe item for spring and autumn. Such a product can be insulated, with a hood (detachable or sewn on). The length varies widely. More often buyers opt for mid-thigh models, but there are also short youth options. Stylish parkas also belong to demi-season clothing (except for specialized winter models). Despite the versatility and democracy of modern fashion, think about whether your purchase will look worthy in a set with a classic suit if you have a strict dress code at work or you often have to attend official events.

(4) Winter models should be warm, but comfortable and free of movement. Modern technologies and materials allow leading clothing manufacturers to delight consumers with just such products. In HAR London Fashion you can buy a fairly light jacket while being able to reliably protect against the icy wind, snowfall, severe frosts.